Monday, April 16, 2007

VA Tech New Conference Liveblogging

The story.

2:43 - President Steger - A few minutes ago he spoke to President Bush who offered support and help. Spoke to Governor Kaine.

At a loss for words. What we know. Now 31 deaths confirmed, including gunman. 15 other victims being treated. 2 more in addition to 31 at Norris Hall. Gunman had no ID.

In process of id'ing victims and notifying kin. No names will be released, but possible list tomorrow.

Investigating whether connection between two separate shootings.

Resources taxed, receiving assistance from FBI, Red Cross and others.

Posting info on website

2:47 - questions for police and President Steger

Classes not cancelled and students not notified because thousands of students were already in transit. Had reason to think shooter was done and had left.

Had info from witnesses and evidence that lead authorities to believe shooter off campus and leaving jurisdiction.

Do not know if shooter was a student.

One person in Norris Hall who was shooter is dead.

Not looking for anyone else currently.

How can campuses prepare for such situations? It's difficult because of open society and open campus. Best for people to report suspicious activity, but can't have armed guards at every entrance. You can only make decisions based on what you know at any given time.

Bomb threats, looking into connection.

Gunman took his own life.

Officers first responded and found 2 people shot, began investigation when second incident started. People shot in dormitory room.

Another shooting in apartment off-campus, officers not aware.

No shoot-out between officers and gunman.

How characterize shootings? [ed: blegh!]

President Steger interjects: About closing campus, when first shooting took place, building was closed immediately.

Preliminary reports, doors were chained.

No on in custody at this time.

No one arrested after first shooting.

First scene, what thinking was? Acting on info they had, secured crime scene and building, believed it was secure and person had left. Following up leads and looking for person of interest.

Stupid questions. Did someone try to tackle the gunman?

No reports between two shootings.

There is # for families.

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