Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wheee! Islamic Connection Found!

The Virginia Tech shooter, a South Korean who'd been with his parents in the U.S. legally since 1992 (since he was 8-years-old), had the words "Ismail Ax" written on his arm in red ink. Ismail, of course, is the Muslim form of Ishmael, the "other" son of Abraham, the one who founded Islam.

According to this Daily Musings post,
AX refers to the Muslim belief that Abraham was to kill Ishmael as an act of obedience and faith using an AXE.


There is also a Muslim belief that Abraham attacked idols around him with an AXE. This could relate to the axe potentially used to kill Ishmael.

Thus, this phrase, "Email Ax", seems undeniably related to carrying out an act of judgment in the Muslim context. The two words together suggest both sacrifice and judgment, which seems to go along with the strange note he left behind.
I tend to think the phrase "Email Ax" refers to both sacrifice and judgment relating to the 5 million missing RNC emails, thus making 31 murdered people Karl Rove's fault. Either that or it's a typo. Or an Islamic conspiracy to downplay the Islamic conspiracy.

The Daily Musings post is titled "Does 'Ismail Ax' Suggest Korean Student Was A Secret Muslim Terrorist?" with a reminder that Cho Seung-Hui was "not an American, but here on a visa." A foreigner on a student Visa! Obvious terrorist sleeper cell.

Daily Musings also notes that "Finding his connection to Islam, and radical Islam will be the next mystery." Indeed. Especially since he'd been living in the U.S. since he was eight. And not on a student Visa. He had a green card since, you know, he had been living here legally since he was eight.

And that is some genius terrorist sleeper cell plot, recruiting an 8-year-old South Korean kid. Like No Way Out genius, if Lt. Cmdr. Tom Farrell had grown up to be a socially inept loner who self-destructed in an insane downward spiral writing over-the-top violent pre-teen angst for his college assignments instead of infiltrating the Pentagon as a Navy officer. But then, America's neglect of the mentally ill is well known. [h/t Marita, Sadly, No! commenter, for play link]

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