Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nobody's Watching ... Or Reading

This is the epitome of perfection.

I'm always so behind on everything. So now here I am, excited by this new thing I found on YouTube called Nobody's Watching. I was going to post this clip of Nobody's Watching "According to Jim" and say something like
Yes, that's right. This brilliantly rags on a crappy show that apparently has gotten six years of episodes. Six. Years. But all my favorite shows get cancelled after a couple of weeks.

At least we can enjoy these hilarious and creative internet shorts by Nobody's Watching.
My son was enjoying them, too, and was very pleased when I discovered a nine minute episode. But it turns out that it was only part 1 of 3, and that it was actually a WB pilot for a mockumentary-style sitcom created and written by the creator and writers of Scrubs and The Family Guy. But it confused the test audience. So of course the concept (which is awesome, a rarity for the former WB) found a new life on the internet, which should say something about the difference between television and internet audiences ... more on that later.

What I love most about the whole thing is how the date code on the show was 4/24/05. And how the most recent internet posting was 5 months ago (Little Superstar!) Yes, I'm still behind. It's so awesome and cool and hip and "now;" of course it's two years old and of course I am now endorsing it on my blog which Nobody Reads!

Anyway, about the difference between TV and internet viewers. The other day Randi Rhodes talked about a study of the effect of television viewing on the brain. It apparently shuts down the parts of the brain which govern logic and reasoning. Reading, on the other hand, stimulates our brains. Of course she discusses the relation of mindless television programming to the uninformed and intellectually stunted populace who believe Fox News and the Preznit. And how wonderfully that works out for the mega-corporations who own all the television networks which destroy our ability to reason with their shitty programming and then manipulate us into giving them more power by scaring us into obeying their political puppets. (Also, Randi's Book Club assignment is to read Al Gore Assault on Reason. I haven't bought it yet, but you can get your copy through the link in the right sidebar).

But all I think is, "so that's why my favorite shows don't usually make it. They're shows that require thought and knowledge. And since I have long eschewed daytime television and most evening television in favor of reading (and writing) blogs, my logic and reasoning centers are intact; are, in fact, thriving. And of course I actually get angry at those stupid sitcoms. All thinking people should be angry at those stupid sitcoms. Everyone should read more lefty blogs."

So I feel better about being better than those millions of morons who watch stupid sitcoms (which rightie bloggers watch) and look forward to the future when the intelligent internet audience who actually have to read will make a profitable home for truly creative and entertaining programs.

Speaking of him, every night I will say a silent prayer thanking Al Gore for helping to create the internet that we know, saving us all from complete dominance from scaremongering, warmongering, controlling mega-corporations that are attempting to suck out our brains, turning us into mindless, obedient zombie consumers.

Update: Blogger can't post any new Amazon links in the template right now, so I'll put Al's book in this post instead.

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