Thursday, July 05, 2007

Clinton Didn't Do It!!! Part II

Clinton Didn't Do It!!! was a draft I started before I took Ben to see Transformers (which is good summer fare for big kids and adults). I woke up Pither to watch Andy because, as I told Pither when he asked why he needed to get up, "Andy will get into shit."

Obviously, Andy got into shit and published my post.

The point I was going to make about Clinton's Grand Jury testimony was that I didn't see anything that was an obvious lie. I thought he was pretty candid about his attempts to mislead the court in the Paula Jones deposition, and he hinted at a very good defense to any contradictions between him and those who would be witnesses against him; people can have different recollections and understandings about things that were said, such as in his example of Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas. Plus, he admitted that he could have said things he was accused of saying though he didn't specifically remember.

That case would have had to have been tried by a jury. As the Special Prosecutor who took over after Starr said, no jury would have convicted Clinton. That's because not only was Clinton still popular, but because there would have been quite enough reason to believe Clinton's version to amount to reasonable doubt.

Not so with Libby.

So anyone who says Clinton committed (or especially admits to committing) perjury either doesn't know what the hell they're talking about or are deliberately lying.

By the way, I found this Village Voice article by jagoff Nat Hentoff (who is a jagoff for many more reasons than this article) from the week of February 14, 2001.
In Clinton's case, said [Richard] Posner, [chief judge of the federal Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals], if justice had been done—and considering the skills of his defense team—the likely sentence would have been 30 to 37 months.

[Emphasis added]

The concern, said Hentoff, was to spare Bush from having to pardon Clinton. That's Hentoff's opinion, since I don't think it would have even come to that. But the sentence Libby received was obviously not considered a far departure from normal justice in 2001.

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