Monday, July 02, 2007

Do You Hear Me!? No Comeuppance!

It's much better to be a Neocon RINO than a Hollywood star these days.

Learn your lesson, celebrities; a three-day crying jag may get you out of jail for a day, but committing multiple felonies covering up the outing of a NOC for crass political purposes will get you a Presidential hand job.

Seeking the silver lining, at least we're getting more government transparency. It certainly is nice seeing the pay off just right out in the open like that for a change. Restores my faith in a government of the cronies, by the cronies and for the cronies.

Sadly, No! has the contact numbers for the White House.

...As usual, the Satirical Political Report tells it the way it should be (and with a cool graphic). Forget Impeachment; Let's "Commute" Bush's Term.

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