Friday, July 20, 2007

This Calls for True Bipartisanship, 'Cause the Dems are Gonna Screw Us Over

It's amazing what two minutes in a kiddie pool can do. I got too cold.

But the shock made me think a little deeper into this Glenn Greenwald post in which he says:
We know the administration breaks laws with impunity and believes it can. That is no longer in question. The only real question is what, if anything, we are willing to do about that.

More specifically, Greenwald lays the blame on the Democratic leadership in Congress.
It has been six months since the Democrats took over Congress. Yes, they have commenced some investigations and highlighted some wrongdoing. But that is but the first step, not the ultimate step, which we desperately need. Where are the real confrontations needed to vindicate the rule of law and restore constitutional order?

The other day, Maha wrote in Frogs in a Pickle (about the Executive Order of July 19):
The cabal commits some outrage, which knocks some of us off balance, creating rage and uncertainty, we try to sort it out, and then we adjust and life goes on. We regain our balance. The net effect, to use a parable, is the familiar story of the frogs who were slowly boiled to death by ever so slowly increasing the temperature.

The ease at which this happens is captured in the title of a DailyKos diary on the same topic, Bush Declares Martial Law. Country Yawns, Changes Channel.

But has anyone considered that the Democratic leadership in Congress is letting it all happen because they know they will own the White House in '08 and they want those powers for themselves?

They're letting Bush do the dirty work, take the public hatred and create an insulated and all-powerful Executive. They're not going to significantly reverse Bush's encroachments once the Unitary Executive lies in their hands and the public has moved on, distracted by the last season of Lost.

We have seriously got to lay the public pressure on now before it's all water under the bridge.

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